Sterilization and Hygiene

Imagine eating in a restaurant where they didn’t properly clean your dishes or a dentist who reuses his tools. Kind of gross, right? We agree, and it got us thinking. Healthy hands and feet are happy hands and feet, and this is our number one priority. Unfortunately, many nail salons do not adhere to government safety guidelines, often because of cost or lack of education. And we feel the state standards are not enough – we believe that if we’re using sharp implements, they need to be sterilized with hospital grade equipment. We at The Spa at Rancho Mañana are out there to set a new health and safety standard to help lift the entire industry making your weekly respite truly worry-free and much more enjoyable.

The Spa at Rancho Mañana is dedicated to providing our customers with the most sanitary nail and skin care available and we know that “clean” is not always sterile. All of our tools are sterilized in an autoclave after each and every service. This is how dentists and surgeons sterilize their tools. Through extreme heat and steam pressure, an autoclave does more than just sanitize. It completely sterilizes the instruments leaving them 100% free from bacteria that can cause serious health problems. The tools are then sealed in individual sterilization packs for your protection. All our tools are either autoclaved or for one-time use and yours to keep if you like.

In addition, it is well documented that the whirlpool pedicure chairs found in most nail salons are major culprits of spreading infectious disease. At The Spa at Rancho Mañana, we have designed our own sinks with fresh running water, never to be re-circulated. We also clean our sinks and surrounding areas with hospital-grade disinfectant after each use and our nail techs wash and sanitize their hands before and after each service. After this process we had one more level of safety, we line each vessel sink with a disposable liner for a one time use.

We subscribe to the highest standards of cleanliness and sterilization, exceeding what is required by the state regulatory agency. We have also assembled a set of The Spa at Rancho Mañana Advisors to provide the latest, most current data on health risks and mitigation factors and our staff has been trained to adhere to strict safety and hygiene protocols. Our people understand that in order to provide the most relaxing, enjoyable experience possible, we must provide you with the health protection you deserve. Rest assured you can leave your worries at the door!