Meditation & Sound Therapy


Why Learn to Meditate?

Feeling the hectic pace and demands of modern life?  Often feel like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done?  Having trouble turning your mind “off” at night?

Meditation can give you more time by making your mind calmer and more focused.  It can help you overcome your stress and find some inner peace and balance.

Meditation Classes 
Guided Meditation (Every Thursday at 6:00 pm)
Experience states of deep relaxation within seconds, reduce stress instantaneously, increase blood flow, enhance immune response, fully integrate body & mind, and transcend to higher levels of consciousness. Spiritual cleansing resets the body's system and releases stagnant energy. Align bio-rhythms and receive inner guidance and insight.
$11 per session
Meditation & Sound Therapy Sessions 
Sound & Vibrational Therapy (60 min)
Astral projection that increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration. Develops and refines your sonic abilities, promotes lucid dreaming and spiritual cleansing.
$88 per session
Tuning Forks (60 min)
When you tap the tuning forks, you awaken the life energy of your cells by targeting the pressure points. This brings your nervous system into balance and integrates left and right brain thought patterns, improves mental clarity and brain functioning.
$88 per session
Cupping Therapy
Using the traditional approach to cupping, heated glass cups* are applied to the skin to help eliminate back pain, sore muscles, chest congestion, stomach aches, and upper leg pains. Traditional use of sound therapy, including tuning forks and crystals, are used to enhance the flow of energy. *In some instances red marks and or raised marks may appear where heated cups were applied. This typically disappears in 3-5 days.
$88 per session

*Prices vary based on experience level of service provider and/or client specific concerns on an as needed basis.