INOA Hair Color


Why choose INOA?

Uncompromised Comfort
No Odor
Optimized Scalp Comfort
Rapid Self-Emulsifying Mix
Incredible Smooth, Velvety Texture

81% of professionals mentioned the lack of odor as a benefit*

Supreme Respect for the Hair
A Well preserved Hair Fiber color after color
Hair that is as smooth as before color was applied for a softer touch.

Infinite Haircolor Power
Exact and predictable color palette: true neutralizing cool shades, vibrant, and luminous warm shades
Lightens up to 3 Levels
Exceptionally even color from scalp to ends
Coverage of up to 100% gray Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the INOA technology Work?
INOA works with the ODS technology (Oil Delivery System): an unprecedented oil base that increases the active potential of the haircolor system while preserving the hair¡¯s natural protective layer twice as much as traditional ammonia-based permanent haircolor*.
*Helps preserve the hair’s natural protective layer after 1 and 5 applications

How is MEA (monoethanolamine) different from Ammonia?
The advantage of monoethanolamine compared to ammonia is the absence of unpleasant odor, which is a considerable advantage.

How is it possible for INOA to have no odor?
The total absence of ammonia and the use of an odor-free alkaline agent (MEA) make it possible for the INOA formula to have no odor at all. This technological achievement offers professionals and customers alike the first 3-part permanent haircolor product that is odor-free and fragrance-free, with a creamy, smooth texture.

This is a major breakthrough that will completely transform the haircolor experience in salons. Thanks to INOA, the ideal salon is now attainable by all professionals: a pleasant technical space with no strong odor, leaving room for artistic creativity and a focus on customer satisfaction.

What is different about the INOA color result?
The INOA color result is authentic, exact and precise to offer real neutralized cool tones and vibrant warm tones.