All Spa Services

All Spa Services

Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
$60/30 min
$100/60 min
$140/90 min
Meditation & Sound Therapy Sessions 
Sound & Vibrational Therapy (60 min)
Astral projection that increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration. Develops and refines your sonic abilities, promotes lucid dreaming and spiritual cleansing.
$88 per session
Tuning Forks (60 min)
When you tap the tuning forks, you awaken the life energy of your cells by targeting the pressure points. This brings your nervous system into balance and integrates left and right brain thought patterns, improves mental clarity and brain functioning.
$88 per session
Cupping Therapy
Using the traditional approach to cupping, heated glass cups* are applied to the skin to help eliminate back pain, sore muscles, chest congestion, stomach aches, and upper leg pains. Traditional use of sound therapy, including tuning forks and crystals, are used to enhance the flow of energy. *In some instances red marks and or raised marks may appear where heated cups were applied. This typically disappears in 3-5 days.
$88 per session
Massage Services 
Rancho Relaxation Massage
A fusion of long flowing Swedish techniques, hot towels & customized aromatherapy are used to soothe the mind & relax the body for rejuvenation.
$105/60 min $140/90 min
Lymphatic Massage
A gentle & relaxing light pressure that promotes healthy flow of the lymph system.
$105/60 min $140/90 min
Therapeutic Massage
Customizable medium to deep pressure that opens the muscle to allow the release of stress & strain from daily life while revitalizing the senses with aromatherapy.
$105/60 min $140/90 min
Rancho Sports Massage
A soft tissue therapy that uses myofascial release & neuromuscular techniques to decrease immobility & pain with an active lifestyle.
$105/60 min $140/90 min
Rancho Flexing
A 60-min reflexology treatment that stimulates full body optimal function & promotes healing while delivering stress relief. perfect for those with tired or achy feet.
$105/60 min $140/90 min
Manana Mama (60 min.)
Tailored specifically to expecting mothers. Uses strategically placed pillows & positioning to ensure maximum comfort. Perfect for mothers that are past the 8-week mark.
Couples Massage Services 
NEW Twilight Couples Massage
As the sun begins to set in Cave Creek, our Kiva Room transforms into something unique, combining a natural energy flow and a loving ambiance. Couples can share something more and spiritual in this side-by-side massage. The 90 minute service includes fully customized massage and light refreshments served post treatment. Appointments start at 4 PM Monday through Saturday.
$300/90 min
Couples Rancho Relaxation Massage
Focusing on relaxation, this couple’s massage combines customized aromatherapy, hot towels, Swedish techniques, and more into the ultimate relaxation experience.
$210/60 min $280/90 min
Couples Rancho Fusion
focusing on the couple’s individual specific needs and the blending of a variety of techniques to create a healing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience.
$240/60 min $320/90 min
Couples Hot Manana
Couple experience a hot stone or Manana golf ball massage accompanied with hot towels, hand and foot treatment, customized aromatherapy, and specific to addressing his & her needs.
$320/90 min
Specialty Massage Services 
Rancho Stones (90min
Hot stone massage blends the healing power of heat with the restorative aspect of massage. As stress and tension melt away with muscle stiffness the stones have an added bonus of increasing circulation and boosting metabolism.
Manana Golf Ball Massage (90min
The fusion of golf balls and heat are used to decrease muscle stiffness and tension to increase mobility, circulation, and metabolism. The Manana Golf Ball Massage incorporates therapeutic techniques with a blending of relaxing strokes to bring about comfort and revitalization.
Massage Enrichments 
Cranial Sacral (30min
Focuses one’s energy and breath to quiet the mind and stimulate peace.
Rancho Reflexology Express (30min
An express reflexology foot treatment that stimulates optimal function and promotes healing while delivering stress relief. Perfect for those with tired or achy feet.
Manana Mobility Express (30min
Athletic stretching to increase mobility and flexibility.
Modern Cupping Therapy 
Modern Cupping Therapy
This form of alternative treatment can be used to treat pain, inflammation, blood flow, deep relaxation and can even provide relief for sciatica and sinus congestion. Using both stationary and moving cups, this service is customized to meet your specific needs.
$160/90 min
Cellulite Reduction Cupping Therapy
A deep-tissue, non-invasive healing therapy. Suction is applied on the skin--the reverse pressure causes the cellulite to “break-up”. Blood circulation is stimulated, and the fat and toxins are released and moved to the lymph drainage network, quickly eliminating toxins from the body. This treatment also eases the cords connecting the skin and muscle, fluid build-up is reduced and the skin develops a more cellulite-free appearance. A series of 8, or two services per week, is recommended to achieve the best results.
$125/60 min
Series of 4 (save $50) $450
Series of 8 (save $150) $850
Rancho Stones and Modern Cupping Therapy
Combining the best of both therapies, hot stone massage blended with the therapeutic benefits of modern cupping therapy. The heat from the hot stones melt away any stress and tension while the modern “cups” treat your specific areas of need, either to help relieve pain, tension, or reduce the appearance of cellulite
$180/90 min
Modern Cupping Therapy Enrichment
Add on modern cupping therapy designed to meet your specific needs to any 60 or 90 min massage service.
$50/30 min
Facial Services 
Signature Facial
A customized facial that benefits all skin types. Incorporates a blend of skincare & massage into a treatment that thoroughly cleanses, hydrates, extracts & exfoliates the skin to perfection.

Ultrasonic Therapy Facial
Jumpstart your journey to clinically proven improvement in firmness, elasticity, radiance, moisturization, and smoothness. After receiving the Manana Signature Facial customized for your skin care concerns, your skin will be treated with ultrasonic waves which are known for stimulating cells far beyond the superficial layers of the skin. The results are exfoliation with peel-like properties, the power to push nutrient-rich serums deeper into the skin, and deep-cleaning pores — all without irritating your skin. Good for all skin types, including sensitive and those with Rosacea. Continue these superior results with a take-home ultrasonic therapy device, the Intelligence Genius Ultra.

Manana Microdermabrasion Facial
A treatment that uses a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand the skin, by removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. Also used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and stretch marks as well as improve age spots and black heads.

Microdermabrasion A La Carte (60Min.)
Microdermabrasion treatment with a mini facial (no facial enzyme or mask)

Mañana Dermaplane Facial
A treatment especially effective on those with dry or rough skin texture and helps to minimize superficial acne occurring or uneven skin tone. It is also beneficial for mature skin, which tends to have a buildup of dead cells as cellular turnover .

Dermaplane A La Carte (60Min.)
Dermaplance treatment with a mini facial (no facial enzyme or mask)

Repechage 4 Layer Facial
This unique facial treatment is suitable for all skin types and is designed to rehydrate, remineralize, and rebalance your skin in 75 minutes.

Corrective Peel
Designed to treat acne, rosacea, hyper pigmentation or maturing skin. Take home kit included.
Back Facial
Treat the skin on your back & shoulders with this relaxing & de-stressing twist on a typical facial. helps to boost circulation, detoxify & keep your back clear & acne-free.
Gentleman's Facial
Tailored for men to replenish any complexion.

Express Facial
A facial for those that are always on-the-go, with the same incredible benefits in just 30 minutes.
Body Treatment Services 
Rancho Toning Wrap (75min
A detoxifying wrap that focuses on decreasing cellulitic deposits. The use of dry brush techniques increase circulation and exfoliates dry skin. The mud is then applied and the body is wrapped up tight in a thermal blanket to allow the mud to draw out toxins stored in the fat cells and soften the skin. This unique combination stimulates the body’s natural lymphatic process to rid the body of impurities.
Manana Retreat (75min
Delight to your choice of a Rancho Sugar or Salty Manana scrub that includes a customized aromatherapy blend to exfoliate dry skin. Continue the indulgence with a full body hydration, placing the focus on the hands, feet, and neck. This treatment will leave you soothed and rejuvenated.
Body Enrichments 
Nourishing Hand or Foot Treatment (30min
A unique blend of exotic extracts rapidly hydrates skin and locks in the moisture to hydrate and nourish your skin. A nourishing, vitamin-rich warm paraffin is applied to your hands or feet and covered with warm mitts or booties. Upon removal, body butter is applied to enhance the experience leaving your hands silky soft!
Exfoliating Hand Treatment (30min
A Microdermabrasion hand treatment enhances your skin’s own natural rejuvenation process for glowingly beautiful skin. Add this hand treatment to any body treatment to buff away dry, dead skin and leave your hands feeling incredibly soft and smooth!
Fijian Warmed-Oil Scalp Treatment (30min
A traditional Fijian coconut bowl is used to slowly drizzle warmed exotic nut oils that are then massaged gently into the scalp and neck restoring balance and leaving hair shiny and healthy. A luxurious and relaxing enhancement!
Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation) Services 
Hair Stroke Eyebrows/ Eyebrow Microblading$250
Top Eyeliner$180
Bottom Eyeliner$180
Top and Bottom Eyeliner$300
Lip Liner$175
Full Lip Color$360
Beauty Mark$80
Initial Touch Ups within 3 months of initial procedure$40
Touch Ups within 4 years of last procedure$180
Make up Services 
Waxing & Tint Services 
Eyebrow $20+
Eyebrow Shaping$25+
Lip $15+
Brazilian Maintenance$45+
Bikini Full$50+
Bikini Line$35+
Half Arm$25+
Full Arm$35+
Half Leg$45+
Full Leg$80+
Men's Chest$35+
Men's Chest & Stomach$50+
Brow Tint$20+
Lash Tint$25+
Lash Extensions 
Lash Extensions Full Set (90min.)
For those who want to subtly enhance their natural lashes, this application utilizes varying lengths to maximize fullness.
Lash Extensions Volume Set (120min.)
For those who want a more dramatic, very full look, this set combines different thicknesses, various lengths and curves to create a darker lash line and perfect mascara look.
2 Week Eyelash Fills$75
3 Week Eyelash Fills$95
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Manicure Services 
Our "anything but basic" signature manicure trims, shapes, and buffs your nails. Nails are finished with a polish color of your choice (30 min)
Spa Manicure$45
Gel Manicure$40
Gel Polish Soak-Off$10
Gel Sculpt$70
Gel Fill & Overlay$65
Pedicure Services  
Service includes shaping and buffing your nails. Followed by our lemongrass scrub and lotion. Finished with polish of choice. (45 min)
Spa Pedicure
The "works" pedicure. Includes all the pampering and precision of our basic, including an anti-oxidant mask and hydrating paraffin wax. (60 min)
Wellness Pedicure
This service emphasizes foot health. Our pharmaceutical grade also specializes for those with diabetes. (60 min)
Add Gel Polish to Pedicure Service$15
Manana Melt Away Treatments 
Add any melt away scrub to a nail service.
Rancho Suga Suga
A gentle sugar or salt scrub customized with the client's personal blend of aromatherapy to promote a healthy skin glow and rejuvenation.
Salty Manana
A scrub that will promote detoxification, soothes muscles, and purifies the skin to a healthy glow.

*Prices vary based on experience level of service provider and/or client specific concerns on an as needed basis.